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Many men face the problem of premature ejaculation. We live in a constant run and at high speed. It's hard for us to find time for physical activity, and the worst is the stress that accompanies us at every step. One of the effects of such a life is the weakening of sexual performance, and thus control of premature ejaculation and short relationships. Women love to love each other for a long time and need a man who will stay with them to the end. Unfortunately, it happens that the man is not able to control the ejaculation and after a while it is over. We don't feel good about it despite our partner's assurances that nothing happened. However, we feel guilty that we could not completely satisfy our partner. Believe that you are not the only one! The problem of premature ejaculation concerns a large group of men of all ages. There are many measures that advertise themselves with phenomenal effects and that effectively help us forget about the problem. Climax Control dietary supplement is a proven and effective recipe for this troublesome ailment. Are you sure it works as it should? Is it worth trying and spending money on something that we don't know will work? And will the effect be what we expect? I will answer briefly: YES 3 times! The main task of Climax Control is to extend our intercourse and provide control over ejaculation. This is how the product works. Extends our relationship by 30 minutes, guarantees you control over ejaculation and full feint. The first effects can be seen after the 4th day of taking the tablets. The composition of the supplement is 100% natural. The ingredients are primarily Brazilian Acai plant berries, griffonia seeds and folic acid. They have an effect that effectively prolongs intercourse, improves sexual performance and, above all, gives you control over ejaculation. Such a well-chosen composition helps to increase libido and is also an aphrodisiac. Climax Control has a lot of favorable reviews among doctors and patients who have already tried this innovative supplement. The manufacturer recommends taking two tablets during the day. One after breakfast and the other after lunch. The tablets should be drunk with plenty of water. If you are struggling with premature ejaculation then you should try Climax Control. We guarantee that your life will change and you will not only make yourself happy, but also your partner.

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I hear about various preparations that are supposed to work effectively and eliminate the problem resulting from premature ejaculation. My patients expect me to direct them to the right specifics that will help them get rid of the problem and help them fully enjoy living with their partner. The joy of having successful sex and satisfying another person is an important aspect of life for many. Despite the stressful moments and life on the run, we also need to find time for ourselves. For your pleasure. Let's not let something get in our way and let us act effectively. I am an experienced sexologist and I know the problem of premature ejaculation of a large percentage of men. I try to help them and recommend the proven product Climax Control. It is a completely natural dietary supplement and we don't have to be afraid of side effects. Let us remember that it is not a medicine but a preparation which is to help us in a non-invasive way. We will buy it without a prescription. However, the product has many positive reviews which I can confirm. My patients after a systematic use of the supplement express very positive about it. Most of them noticed improvement after a few days of use. They can control their ejaculation, and their ratio has been extended by up to 30 minutes! They have become more confident and their partners cannot be surprised that the natural pills taken twice a day will have such an effect. When I hear such opinions, he is even more pleased with himself that I can recommend the product without any worries. If you haven't received it yet, give it a try. Until you know it for yourself, you won't be sure it doesn't work. I hope it will surprise you and change your sex life positively!

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Mateusz 33 age


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Climax Control has been using for several months and these are the best months of my life. Finally, I can control my ejaculation and enjoy having sex with my partner right up to the end. I would recommend!

MichaƂ 45 age


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The decrease in libido and lack of sexual performance led me to Climax Control. This all-natural product met my innermost desires. Me and my wife can enjoy new and longer sensations.

Ania 37 age


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My husband was ashamed to admit he had trouble controlling ejaculation. He has a very stressful job and lives on the run. I gave him Climax Control, which brought him relief. Our relationship has extended and together we can meet our needs. Climax Control really works!

Grzegorz 32 age


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I try my best to please my partner during intercourse, I do not always succeed, although I try my best. I can't make love to her for a long time and I know that she turns a blind eye to it. I heard about Climax Control and started treatment a week ago, even though it's not been a long time, we've noticed the difference both of us. Now we can enjoy each other longer.

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- L-carnitine - inhibits the problem of premature ejaculation

- Mugwort extract

- Extract from medical spike